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BIOGREEN INJECTION MOULDING CO.,LTD. Ltd. was established in 2008. It is located at No. 26, Lane 52, Shangding Road, Yongkang District, Tainan City. The factory area is about 2300 square meters. It is a professional OEM manufacturer of various plastic injection molding and mold processing. Assembly production provides customers with a one-stop shop method for vertical integration management from raw material selection to product processing and assembly.

The company has obtained ISO9001 certification and is applying for ISO16949 certification. At present, machinery is in production 24 hours a day, and all-electric injection machines and robotic arms are introduced to improve production quality. There are also three clean room assembly lines, which strictly control the output of high-quality products.

[Adhere to the principle of health first and environmental protection first]

Committed to advocating Tritan, PLA, microwaveable, and PET material molding solutions in various application fields, reducing the harm of plastics to people and the environment, and doing our part to slow down global warming.

建立, Ceo & Founder
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